Last minute Xmas or NYE outfit

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner?!!!  I used to do all my Christmas shopping early however, I noticed I would end up spending way too much money on myself. I would be so proud that I accomplished my shopping list, I would treat myself to a little shopping spree of my own at the end. I work better under pressure so I wait until the last minute and end up getting the perfect gifts for everybody because I don’t have time to contemplate alternative options. This is it, I gotta go, hope they love it is my mindset!

I always hit up Stein Mart because I know my mom, grandma and mother-in-law love Stein Mart! I can knock out a few people because they always have a variety of gift ideas for the whole family. It never fails though, I find a few cute things for myself. You gotta have that vision though or else you can end up looking like a grandma. Like this one time, my friend and my mother-in-law showed up to a party wearing the same exact black lace dress from Stein Mart. You better believe I took a pic and did a “bitch stole my look” and a “who wore it better” segment on my stories. So, precede with caution while shopping at Stein Mart. You’ve been warned!

I went in recently and found the perfect gifts for all of my lady loves and this cute pom-pom cable knit sweater for myself!! It is also available online, linked below! You can wear this sweater with some black leggings and boots with the fur or dressed up with some black statement earrings and heels like I did in this photos that my friend Lori took with my iPhone. It’s perfect for all the Christmas and New Years gatherings. Trend and price on point.  Good job Stein Mart who knew.

Exact sweater here 

Similar here

and here

Wishing all of incredibly awesome readers a very Merry Christmas!!  Share the love and laughter with the ones you love!  May God Bless you and your family!


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