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This sweater is life! I went shopping at Marshall’s the other day and right when I walked it bam there it was folded all nice and pretty on a round tiered table.  I could tell they had just came in!  I quickly scooped up the small and medium to try on.  Rushed to the dressing room to see if it was going to look as good as it did on display.  It felt amazing on.  Fuzzy sweaters on trend, I was in love!  This sweater isn’t like a ‘leaving lent everywhere you go, coughing because some fuzz got caught in your throat’ sweater.  This is a soft, light and has a lux feel to it.  No joke it feels like cashmere but it’s not.  It has the leopard print but it’s not so in your face.  It’s more subtle and sexy.  The detail I fell in love with is the metallic gold shimmer threading it has to it.  

I’m kinda embarrassed I’ve worn it so many times lol.  First, I wore it like this in the photo as you can see with light distressed jeans (disclaimer: these are cropped jeans but since I’m wearing over the knee boots, who would know?!).  Then, I wore it on a girls night out with black faux leather pants, lace choker, black booties and my hair all loose and free flowing.  Lastly, with dark skinnies, black flats and black coat to a bbq.  Very versatile piece…talk about getting your moneys worth.  I’m not kidding, at least 10 people asked me complimented me or asked where I got it from.  One of my friends asked and she said I hate that, I never find anything good when I go into those stores!!  I’m like girl you need to go with me, I’ll hook you up.  So yes, I am taking her shopping soon.  I really do find great things at places like Marshalls, TJ Max and my FAVORITE Home Goods.  I live at that store!  Some people call it luck, I just call it being a smart shopper.  

Unfortunately at those type of store once they sell out thats it. However, I linked a ton of cute cute options above.  I really tried to get as close as I could.  I hope you like them!



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