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DRESS: Sold out similar save here, spend here, and splurge here | HEELS: Christian Louboutin (splurgespend, save) | HANDBAG: Chanel (splurge, spendsave) | EARRINGS: Chanel | RING: David Yurman |BRACELET: Bauble Bar On Sale! | LIPS: Kylie Kit Mary Jo | EYES: Kylie Burgundy palette | PHOTO CRED: Erika Sanchez Photography | EYELASH EXT: The Vanity Lash Bar 

I absolutely love this time of year…you get to dress up for holiday parties, see people you haven’t seen in awhile, and you get a free pass to gain 5 pounds.  Basically eat, drink and be merry 24/7!!

Speaking of dressing up, this dress right here is the perfect holiday party dress!  We went to our first party of the season and I got so many compliments!  You can never go wrong with a lbd (little black dress).  This dress is made of a thick stretchy material, I believe they call it spandex lol.  Sometimes dresses of this fabric ride up so what I do was spray hair spray on my butt and thighs and that helps keep the dress from riding up.  Nothing is less attractive than having to constantly be pulling your dress down.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…black, leopard and red is always a winning combination.  It looks so classy and timeless.  This combo never goes out of style.  Also, if you don’t own a pair of leopard heels, flats, booties, stop what you are doing and go get you some. Everybody should have a little leopard south of the ankles!  I have been wearing these heels so much lately!  When I say they go with everything I’m not exagerating.  I stood, ran and danced in these heels for 8 hours!!!  Eight hours!!!  By the end of the night I couldn’t walk in them..price to pay for 4.75″ heels.

I also want to do a quick review on the Kylie products I’ve been using lately.  Ladies, Mary Jo lip kit is a game changer (and show stopper for that matter)!  I get tons of compliments on it.  It’s matte and does not smear or come off easily.  What I do is put one coat on wait until it dries, then add another and it stays on all night.  I could actually kiss my hubby without having it all over him.  I literally have to use my heavy duty oil makeup remover to get it off.  Try to remember to exfoliate your lips before applying so you don’t have dry skin hanging there.  I sometimes forget, not the end of the world but it does look better with smoother, exfoliated lips.  AND I’m just going to add real quick, the burgundy palette by Kylie is one of my favorites right now.  The pigmentation is really nice and the colors aren’t like any out there.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did sharing it with you guys.  Stay warm friends and as always, thanks for stopping by!




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