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TOP: H&M (comes in black, burgundy, and beige) | DENIM: old (similar here, and can’t wait to try Khloe K’s here) | HEELS: Christian Louboutin (splurge, spend, save) | NECKLACE: Local LOVE this one here | HANDBAG: Chanel (splurge, spendsave on sale) | LIPS: Kylie Kit Mary Jo | EYES: Kylie Burgundy palette | PHONE CASE: Lumee on sale | PHONE GRIP: Popsockets

I’m so excited!! I just heard good news!  It’s going to get in the 40’s this weekend!  I can finally wear all of my cold weather outfits that I’ve been hoarding (even a word?) I can layer, wear OTK boots, and scarves, oh my!  Now the only question is. . . Will it be cold on Thanksgiving?!  It’s one week away so we’ll see.  Nothing worse than a hot Thanksgiving or Christmas.  For those that are new, I live in South Texas where the majority of the time, it’s pretty freaking hot.  So you can see why one would get excited when I’m finally going to get to wear a jacket or better yet, my camel color coat…HEAVEN, I can’t wait!!!

Speaking of the color camel, I have been crushing hard on this color for some reason.  I used to wear it a lot back in the day and loved how it complimented my highlights.  So as I mentioned on Instagram, they opened up an H&M by me, well sorta by me (what’s an hour drive for some cute, inexpensive clothes?!).  So of course since I put in the miles, I made the trip worth my while and found this cute off-the-shoulder top.  Worth every penny of $30 bucks lol.  Did you know if you download the H&M app you can scan the item with your phone and it will tell you if online has a better price or other sizes.  There were a few items that I didn’t get in the store and ordered online because I found a better deal.  Sucha smart shopper (see babe, I try:)).

I know you gals can relate when you’re all dressed and ready to go and you’re torn between two bags.  That was me with this outfit but after looking at the photos with the black bag, I thought uh uh, girl needs some color and opted for the red bag and I think it made the outfit but I’ll let you decide.

AND I can’t get enough of these I shouldn’t for what they cost lol.  Every chance I get, I wear them and they really go with everything.  I mean EVERYTHING!!!  Great Christmas gift husbands if, by fat chance you are reading.  *Disclaimer – I had to go up in size for these So Kates.  In other Louboutins I wear 7.5-8.  These are 8.5 so beware.

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Spending it with family and friends I hope!  I am going to try to workout up until the day (except for Sundays) so at least I won’t gain any weight..ugh no fun..the struggle people.

Thank you so very much for stopping by.  I know I need to be more consistent on blogging and I am working on it, I promise.  It’s still amazing that even when I take a week off from blogging y’all still check in and that means the world to me.  I get a report every week so I see the progress my blog is making.  I see you and truly appreciate all of you.

Thankful for you,


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