Slimming thigh exercises

I don’t know why I did this BUT I just randomly weighed myself late in the day and what I saw freaked me the f out.  I saw 130!!!  I’ve ALWAYS weighed 120.  I probably weighed 125 a lot of times but I used to NEVER weigh myself.  Only when I would go to the doctor and always weighed 120.  So right then and there I was like nope, no more BS.  Got my ass in gear.  I normally eat a bowl or two of cereal every night.  Followed by tons of chocolate milk.  I LOVE chocolate milk!  And if you know well enough know I like to have my wine, beer, cocktail, etc.

Now I am obsessed with my thighs.  I decided to do a blog post on my slimming thigh exercise.  Some of you saw this on snapchat and those that didn’t, I’m going to jump right in and walk you through my slimmer thigh workout.  So first and foremost, always stretch.  You don’t want to get injured and not be able to workout all together so stretch before and after you workout.   Also take 3-5 minutes to warm up your muscles.  I do jump rope, jog, on this particular day I did the stair climber as you see below.  I skip a step to really engage in the muscles I am going to be targeting.



Next I do squats with a resistant band above my knee and the other the lower part of my leg.  This really targets your glutes and relieves some of the quad work we tend do use with regular squats.  I LOVE these resistant bands!  It is very hard for me to become sore from a typical leg workout however, after I started using these bands is when I noticed that they really activate my glute muscles.

I do 12-15 reps



Next up, single leg reverse lunges on the Bosu Ball.  It stimulates your hamstrings and your glutes when doing on the Bosu Ball.  It also engages your core as you are trying to balance.  I keep one foot on the ball, the other back then I bring my knee up and back down to the floor.

12-15 reps each leg



Kettle Bell One-Legged Deadlift

Start with feet together then slowly raise one foot and press back with your heel

10-12 reps each leg



Curtsy Lunges with Light Hand Weights

Stand feet side by side. Then reaching your right leg back dropping equal weight on both feet.  Then press up and extend then same thing on the other side.



One Legged Cable Kick Back. Make sure you down twist your hips.

10-15 reps each leg



Hip Abduction.  Keep toe forward and try to not twist your body.

10-15 reps each leg



Lastly, squats on treadmill with treadmill OFF

15-25 squats. You can do more reps because you have no weight and you have support from treadmill.




Ok, ladies!  Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully got some ideas on new thigh exercises.  Whether you are trying to add muscle or lean out, these exercises will help you.  Do heavy weight, low reps for gaining muscle.  Do light weight, high reps for toning.

The best feeling is to be comfortable in your own skin.  I love the body God gave me however, I am always looking for ways to improve.  I saw something that I didn’t like and I am working on changing it.  I also want to add, none of these photos were edited or photoshopped.  I wanted to be as raw and real as possible.  I want you to know, I struggle with the same issues that you do.  I am here for  you if you have any questions.

Photos taken by Erika Photography | Outfit by Lululemon TopBottoms, Socks, Undies | Tennies: Brooks | Gloves: Old no longer available but I found these and these.

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