Painted the town Red

Red is my favorite color (close tie between white and turquoise).  Why do I love the color red?  Red is the color of love and passion.  It is sexy and confident!  It makes me feel happy alive and vibrant.  When I look at photos, I always favor the ones where I am wearing red.  I will 9/10 times pick a red dress over a black dress.  Actually I would pick any color besides black.  I know that makes me weird considering most women’s go-to color is black.  I associate black with mourning and going to a funeral.  There are occasions I do wear black, just not very many.  And of course it’s all in the way you style it.  However, if you want to stand out or you need a confidence boost, try a red top or a red lip.  I’ve also noticed if I don’t have very much make up on and I put on a red lip, I instantly look put together.  Serve up that sexy ladies!!  I am telling you red is the magic color, trust me!  Here’s an on-trend lace bralette mock neck dress styled with nude heels to elongate my legs.






Dress Options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

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