Election Day





Bag | Vest | Top | Jeans Scarf | Rain boots | Beanie

It’s Election day and everything we have been anticipating all of these months is finally here!!  I was never into politics (although I pretended I was) but now that I’m (ahem) older, married with kids I do care about where this country is headed.  I grew up when Ronald Reagan was President and I basically thought he hung the moon.  I am a conservative that believes the government should play a smaller role in our society.  I don’t ever want our country becoming a communist country.  I love our freedom…I mean we live in the best country in the world!!!  So today is an exciting but also nerve racking day. I as many of you are, am invested in this election and have been following this race closely!  Let the best candidate win.

Today it rained all day so of course, I had to bust out my rain boots that I don’t get to wear very often.  Unlike a lot of people, I love rainy weather.

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