We recently remodeled our home after years of planning and we are very happy with how it turned out!  See when I met my husband eight years ago, he owned a home right on the golf course and didn’t want to leave.  He told me that later on, we can gut it and I could make it look the way I wanted to. I said fine because it is a nice piece of property that doesn’t become available very often and close to basically everything.  It was a major bachelor’s pad.  Slowly I started painting, changing out fixtures, baseboards, doors, tore out carpet (ewww), and just spruced it up for the time being knowing that one day we would eventually remodel.

And so the planning began…meeting with architect, designer, city, etc.  I got a binder and started printing out things from pinterest and houzz.  When it came time for all the selection, I was ready and knew exactly what I wanted. I was very hands on during the whole remodel.  My contractor would say that would be an understatement however, he did always commend me for being so organized and decisive.

I will get better pictures from our photographer but here are some until then.

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